First United Methodist Church
Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Eastland, Texas
July 14, 2014  
What's Coming Up at FUMCEastland
Update your agenda with events in the life of FUMCEastland by going to the Calendar. If you use outlook or iCal you can subscribe for automatic updates.
World Changers
World Changers will be in Eastland July 22-25.  We will be feeding one of the work groups at noon each day.  If you can help out please see Becky Rossander or Sue Watkins for more details.
First Fruits Devotional
First Fruits was not aired last week due to some broadcasting issues  we were dealing with.  These have been resolved and back on track.  Thanks for your patience and concern.
Church Parsonage
Over the 4th of July weekend the Phillips family moved from the old parsonage on Seaman Street to the new and beautiful parsonage at 401 Wesley Trail.  The new parsonage is spacious and beautiful.  Thank you goes to the church in their vision of this great investment. not only for the current parsonage family but for many to come.  As soon as things settle there will be an open house for all to come see and enjoy this great blessing.
eCeNTeR News
The eCenter will be closed at least for the remainder of the Summer.  The Trustees are looking at options for a better facility than the current one. The youth of the community are well worth the dollars invested in this dynamic ministry, but the current building/location is not the best we can provide. Please continue to keep the ministry of the eCeNTeR in your prayers. If you have donated anything to the eCeNTeR and would like to have it returned to you, please let Pastor Darrel or Julie Joiner in the church office know.  Otherwise we will store what we have until another location is found or built. Thank you so much for your support and continued support of this awesome ministry. This is truly "Risk Taking Missions."
Sunday School News
Calling all Sunday School Leaders... please do not delay in getting your class's information to us so that we can get it in the newsletter and on the website. Please email information regarding your class to
Once again we want to say and heartfelt THANK YOU to all who supported the youth on their mission trip, to those adult sponsors, and to Ashley Bailey for the awesome job she is doing with these young people. 
Music Ministry News
FUMCEastland's Sanctuary Choir is on summer rehearsal hiatus until after July unless specifically announced. The choir - unless otherwise announced - will continue to lead our congregational song from the choir loft. Warm-up is at 10:30 on Sunday Morning. We would like to take this opportunity to point out this season is a perfect time for you to inquire about participating in the choir. The choir is not currently learning any new music; therefore, the workload is rather light. Please speak with David if you feel called to this format of servant ministry! If you would like to offer a message in music (vocal or instrumental) on a Sunday morning during the summer, please get in contact with David or Darrel. Perhaps you are being called to make such an offering during this season!
Losing to Live/Bod4God
Losing to Live has announced a special summer meeting time - Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm. It is never too late to take a small step to better living. It is not only about weight loss but also about becoming a better you. See you there - it is never too late to join!
Wednesday Night Live
Wednesday Night live is officially on summer break. Please take this time to be with your family and enjoy getting to know each another better. We are praying and wheels are turning as to what to incorporate into WNL this fall. If you have suggestions, there are forms you may complete on the table outside the offices. Have a blessed summer!
FUMC Ranger News
We have a great time worshiping our God on Sundays! Come if you can and invite family and friends.  They will be glad they were there and you will be too! Like FUMC Ranger on facebook, check out the webpage at  Thanks to Mike Noth for getting the music together for us.  
Birthdays at the Gholson
Birthdays at the Gholson are on break for the months of July and August. Please watch for the next celebration date. 
Men's Prayer Breakfast
The church comes alive at 7:00 every 3rd Wednesday morning with men from all over the area and every denomination for a time of food, devotions, prayer, and fellowship. July's prayer breakfast will be on July 16. Come have a meeting with God!
Eastland County Food Pantry
Many thanks to Patty Cole and the volunteers at the Food Pantry for the ministry you provide to Eastland County. Without you there would be many Eastland County residents going hungry. Thanks for all you do!
Ranger Food Pantry
The Ranger Food Pantry is located in the Eastside Baptist Church. This is a great group that reaches out to those in need in Ranger. The Pantry is open the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month. Let's do all we can to support our local communities in helping to feed the hungry. 
 Community Prayer Meeting
Everyone is invited to come to the community prayer meeting on the first Tuesday of every month (August 5) at noon at the First Christian Church. Come with a sack lunch and join in prayer for the children and youth of Eastland County. With so much evil that has sprung up focused on our children, we need to surround them in prayer as often as we can!
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